Twitter helps Charlotte music producer gain the attention of rapper Meek Mill and other artists

Charlotte DJ gets the attention of Meek Mill

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s very possible the next radio hit you hear in the car will be produced by a man right here in Charlotte. Jimmy Jones, whose stage name is DJ Trizzy, says his dreams are now becoming a reality.

That’s because he’s now catching the attention of big-time hip hop artists in the music industry - something he says it’s a life changing moment that’s left him speechless.

“You know what I’m saying... it’s hard to...” said DJ Trizzy, who struggled to find words through the excitement.

Some of hip hop’s heavyweights are lining up to work with DJ Trizzy after seeing a viral Twitter video of him finger drumming. It caught Meek Mill’s attention and the rapper retweeted the clip to ask the world, “Who is this guy? The game needs you!!!!”

“They were like, ‘Meek Mill is looking for you,’" Trizzy said, "I’m like, 'what did I do to him? What’s going on?”

Now there are plans for Meek Mill to lay down a track on a beat crafted by Trizzy. Trizzy says this is the life he imagined from the very beginning. He’s always believed it was his destiny to work in the music industry as a producer.

“Honestly, it was just in my blood, I have baby pictures of me being on the organ at my house,” said Trizzy.

He also admits the road to working with top recording artists hasn’t been easy. Trizzy says if anything, it’s been defeating. There were times where he wanted to drop his dream completely, but he learned to continue on with his passion and keep the faith.

“I’ve been through a lot. I can sit here and hold a conversation with you, like for hours and hours, on stories on me wanting to give up at times... just feeling down and depressed because depression is a real thing.”

Even though he never could’ve imagined that Twitter would be the reason for his real start.

“That was like the last place that I would think that I would blow up on because I don’t be on Twitter like that. Instagram is my stomping ground,” he continued. “It’s like fresh air, man - to know that everybody accepts and respects what I do like the craft.”

Trizzy says his seemingly overnight popularity is nice, but above all else, he wants to use his new platform to remind others that any dream can turn into a reality.

“Just keep God in your mind, body and soul. Anything is possible. Anything. Anything.”

There are also plans for DJ Trizzy to work with other rappers like Wale, T.I. and The Game.

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