Recent heat wave causes AC trouble for drivers

Updated: Jul. 22, 2019 at 5:57 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This hot weather is taking its toll on vehicle air conditioning units across the Charlotte area, and some are now talking about their troubles - particularly while traveling when the AC goes out.

Mechanics in the area say they’ve been slammed with people coming in to get their AC’s working - anything to cool their cars down in this relentless heat wave.

They say during many past summers, people would come in and get their AC checked out but then opt not to get it repaired if that’s what it needs. But they say this is not one of those summers.

At Woodie’s Auto in Charlotte, the manager said he sees people literally come into the store sweating, breathing heavy and exhausted from the heat after just a short drive.

“On some summers, when people will choose to forgo getting AC repairs, this has not been that summer," said Patrick Lingo, store manager at Woodie’s. "We took temperatures on the pavement - the heat coming off the pavement was 145 to 150 degrees - so you’re feeling that heat radiating from the ground also.”

That heat caused some medical issues as well for people in our area as well. Medic said they responded to 29 calls in Mecklenburg County for heat-related issues over this past weekend alone.

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