Head Coach Mack Brown’s Return to North Carolina Discussed at 2019 ACC Football Kickoff

Head Coach Mack Brown’s Return to North Carolina Discussed at 2019 ACC Football Kickoff

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Thursday marked day two of the ACC Football Kickoff in Charlotte, featuring the North Carolina Tar Heels. Representing the team in the Queen City, was Mack Brown (head coach), Charlie Heck (offensive tackle), and Myles Dorn (safety).

A major topic of discussion today was Coach Mack Brown’s return to Carolina after thirty years away. Brown’s decision to come back wasn’t made on his own. He sought plenty of counsel from his wife. Brown weighed in on his decision to return to coaching and told us, “Sally said, “There’s two things I learned tonight. Number one, you better not tell a kid something as a coach unless you mean it because he’s going to remember it. Number two, there’s a void in your life and you love mentoring young people, and you can’t do that right now with TV.”” With these observations and affirmations, Brown knew what his future held.

As Sally Brown understood her husband was meant to return to coaching, she had some stipulations for his next job location. “I'll let you coach in Hawaii, I'll let you coach in The Bahamas,” she said. He went on to the next option she presented, “Or I'll let you coach in Chapel Hill.” Sure enough, that’s where they landed.

Coming into this role with quite an extensive resume, Brown is already earning the respect of his players. Safety, Myles Dorn said, “I felt the energy after the first meeting. He told us that he was going to take care of us. The day after he asked for what we could change. A month later, we saw it. He's a man of his word. That's something that you can't compare to anybody else.” Offensive tackle, Charlie Heck comments agreed, “Something that's interesting is Coach Brown brought in a lot of former players. They've been saying the same things that I've been witnessing firsthand, how Coach Brown will go to bat for you, he's always there for the players.”

Brown is already addressing concerns, necessary changes and placing an emphasis on relational coaching to ensure the Tar Heels are in the best possible position for a successful season and to spark a new direction for the program.

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