Peaches from Rowan County orchard getting rave reviews this year

Peaches from Rowan County orchard getting rave reviews this year

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s mid-summer and the peaches are being picked from the trees and picked up by shoppers looking for that sweet sensation that comes in every bite. You may think the best peaches come from Georgia, or South Carolina, but many folks are saying the crop at one Rowan County farm makes those other peaches…the pits.

As quickly as the workers at Huffman Peaches on Goodman Lake Road can fill the boxes, they’re going right out the front door and into customers cars.

“This is the only place that I ever came for the best peaches in the world," said customer Gary Clinding. “Not in the county, not in the state, but in the world.”

Meanwhile, orchard owner Kevin Huffman says it’s a great year for peaches.

“Everybody is just talking about just how the flavor and the taste is so sweet and juicy," Huffman said.

This is a special year for the Huffman orchard. The last three years of peach crops failed due to a late freeze, but this year, the weather has been perfect.

“We started the orchard in 1996, we started picking peaches in 1998," Huffman said.

The orchard has 1150 trees, 8.5 acres and 18 varieties of peaches. Great for pies, jams or lots of other things.

“I got the overripe peaches to make a fermented wine and a pie," Clinding a dded.

Word has spread, people come from all over to get these peaches, even from Alaska? But haven’t we always heard the best ones are from Georgia?

“I have a guy comes up from Georgia and he’ll take 6-8 bushels back with him. He backed up one day and some lady said what are you doing loading all these peaches in your van, you’re from the peach state in Georgia and he said you can travel the whole state of Georgia and never find a peach that tastes half as good.”

“These are the best peaches you could find anywhere," Clinding added. “I don’t care where you go…they say Georgia? No. Right here in Rowan County…right here and right now.”

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