Lancaster County Schools to distribute bus passes to elementary bus riders

Two S.C. school districts make changes

LANCASTER, S.C. (WBTV) - Elementary students in Lancaster County will be issued a bus pass this school year.

Teachers will hand out bus passes to students in kindergarten through fifth-grade. The passes will have the child’s name, their parent’s phone number and the bus number they should be riding on.

Safety Director Bryan Vaughn says it will ensure the student is on the proper bus and is delivered to the proper stop.

“Sometimes you have children get put on buses and they are very small. They don’t know their address. They don’t know all that directory information to give to a bus driver. That can be very scary and chaotic for a parent when the bus rolls up and their kid doesn’t get off,” Vaughn said.

The child will hand the bus driver their bus pass before getting on in the afternoon. The bus driver will return the passes to teachers the next morning. The passes will only be used in the afternoon.

Vaughn says students must register to ride a bus. For more information click here.

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