Questions about edible CBD products remain months after new regulations

Questions about edible CBD products remain months after new regulations

MONROE, N.C. (WBTV) - Monroe couple Natalia Parillo and Bobby Lafferty with Rock Sugar Apothecary have been making chocolate-y treats with CBD, for about seven months.

Like many who manufacture edible CBD, they believe they are safely caught in a grey area.

“Until somebody tells us you can’t put whole plant extract in it, we’re going to do it,” Parillo says.

In February, they and other growers, bakers, and sellers got letters with new regulations on CBD. Some took it to mean, no more edible products at all – others saw loopholes.

“The day we got the letter, Bobby was on the phone to so many senators, representatives of the state,” Parillo says. “We’re at the point where we know we’re okay doing it, because we’re not using CBD isolate.”

Still, we talked to some state and FDA leaders Tuesday, who say, no – you’re not supposed to use any CBD in edible products, of any kind.

“The FDA has clearly stated in letters from their department, that you shouldn’t be putting CBD into those products for human or animal consumption,” Paul Adams, Industrial Hemp Program Manager with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture says.

He says these products are still out there in part, because no one has been charged to enforce the new rules.

“Most likely it’ll be, at some point in time, state departments, food and drug or some equivalent organization will eventually be managing those products,” Adams says. “That will come with time, as regulations continue to unfold.”

Meanwhile, baking entrepreneurs and some shops carrying edible CBD products believe they are still in the clear.

“We’re not hiding anything,” Parillo says. “And nobody has, you know, called us. We got that initial letter, we are in retailers all around the area and in Alabama, so they’re aware.”

The couple is in the same camp as many people in the CBD industry, in that they invite some regulation – they even say it’s needed. But they would like it to be clear, and well understood across the board, which they say they have not seen, thus far.

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