Town of Rhodhiss celebrates 50th anniversary of their part in the moon landing

Fabric of flag on moon made in Rhodhiss, NC

RHODHISS, N.C. (WBTV) - The old videos are grainy and black and white but it never gets old looking at the moon landing archives say people in the town of Rhodhiss. It was at the old Burlington plant where fabric was made that eventually wound up as the American Flag planted on the moon by Apollo 11 Astronauts.

“Proud to have played a part in it,” said Carl Compton on Monday. He worked at the plant when the fabric was made. Carl says workers did not know the significance of what they produced until a week or so after the moon landing.

“They put a notice up on the board in the weaving room,” he said. That was the first hint of what they had been a part of, he said, and added, “Everyone got excited.”

Since then, the town received a framed photo of the moon flag on the moon from NASA and has put the scene on the town seal. Mayor Rick Justice says everyone is proud of the role the textile plant and the town played. “The material could have been made anywhere in the country, but it wasn’t,” he said. It was made in Rhodhiss, he said.

This weekend the town will celebrate with a gathering starting at 5pm and have fireworks at 9:30. About the same time on that date 50 years ago when the flag they helped to make was planted on the moon.

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