After overdosing at St.Patrick’s Day crawl, Charlotte man details journey of breaking addiction

The journey of breaking opioid addiction

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The annual St. Patrick’s Day bar crawl in Charlotte is well-known for providing locals and out-of-town visitors alike with a day full of imbibing and letting loose. For Jordan Smith, the 2018 crawl was about something far more serious.

After taking opioid pills at a bathroom in uptown, Jordan overdosed on a busy sidewalk. A nearby pedestrian managed to help keep him alive until medics arrived and fortunately, he was able to recover.

Smith has spoken with WBTV twice since the incident, both times expressing an unease he gets from watching the video of him being revived. The difference in Smith from then and now is quite noticeable, however, as he has since gotten off opioids for months, relapsed and then checked himself into a rehab program.

Fresh off the completion of the program, Smith describes himself as feeling ‘reborn’, but also notes that it has not been easy getting this far into his journey toward recovery.

‘You need some sort of pat on the back for fighting through the day.’

Smith acknowledged that much of his life has been affected by his addiction and explained the mentality of an addict that led him to throw away things that he now realizes were important to him.

‘You just think of needing to get high and you will do what it takes to get there.’

Speaking to WBTV’s Alex Giles, Smith said that he was confident in his drive to overcome this addiction and that his priorities were now in order and he was focused on getting his life back.

‘You can get what you lost back, what you want back.’

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