WWE referee says $50K worth of horror movie memorabilia stolen from Charlotte storage unit

WWE referee's $50K horror movie collection stolen from Charlotte storage unit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) referee claims more than $50,000 worth of his horror movie memorabilia was stolen from a storage unit he was renting in south Charlotte.

Charlotte resident Charles Robinson has been a referee with the WWE for several years. He’s always on the road for work, but his permanent residence is in south Charlotte.

Robinson, an avid horror movie fan, has been collecting all sorts of spooky memorabilia for years. He has a room in his home specifically devoted to all of his collectibles. He has decorated the room with busts, animatronics and posters.

“Really it’s part of my childhood. Like most people, I like to go back in time and relive it and really collecting is something I’ve done for 35 to 40 years,” Robinson explained to WBTV in an interview Friday.

He said he recently rented a storage unit at Extra Space Storage on Ardrey Kell Road in order to store some of special items while he had work done on his home. He said he left the collectibles in the unit for a couple months without checking on them. The next time he stopped at the storage facility, he was met with a shocking discovery.

“I put my key in the lock and opened the door and a majority of the stuff was gone,” said Robinson.

He said the items were collectively worth anywhere from $50,000-$55,000.

“It was very sad at first then I got angry and now I’m just trying to get answers,” Robinson told WBTV.

He said that after examining his unit he believes someone likely entered the storage area from above. He claims the storage company led him to believe there would be more surveillance cameras trained on specific units.

“I thought and I think everybody would think if they’re renting from a place like this, that the units would be covered by camera,” said Robinson.

McKall Morris, corporate communications manager at Extra Space Storage, sent WBTV the following statement regarding Robinson’s situation.

“The safety and security of our facilities is a top priority for Extra Space Storage and we have not had a history of break-ins at this location. This was an unusual, targeted break-in and we are working to assist local authorities with their investigation however we can. We have turned over all our surveillance footage to local authorities.”

Morris also said that Extra Space Storage has above-industry standard for camera coverage at the Ardrey Kell Road facility.

She said this is the only break-in ever reported at this location and to get to the units you have to enter the building with a key code under surveillance.

Robinson still thinks changes need to be made at the facility.

“I just hope that we get the guys and maybe recoup a little bit of the merchandise, but mostly I hope that the storage unit fixes there design flaws,” he said.

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