A Concord boy’s dream comes true at Wrigley Field

A Concord boy’s dream comes true at Wrigley Field

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Back in October we introduced you to Noah Ballard. He’s a 9-year-old Concord boy, who lives with dwarfism.

At the time, we were with Noah inside his classroom at Weddington Hills Elementary, there to help local charity Dream On 3 announce how they were going to send him on a VIP trip to Chicago with his family to watch his favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs.

Only trick was, they didn’t tell him when he and his family would leave. Fast forward to couple weeks ago. In a most unsuspecting moment, Dream On 3 surprised him at a water park.

From there, a whirlwind dream come true.

Not only was Noah, his older brother Matthew, mom and dad whisked off to the Windy City, but while there, he was able to ride in style in a limo with his name on the side, rock climb, indoor skydive and take a helicopter trip to see the skyline in all its glory.

But of course, Wrigley Field was the real highlight. Noah and his family had full access to it before the game began, both outfield, and in the dugout.

And this rising 4th-grader got to meet his favorite player, first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

Their family is now back home, safe and sound with memories to last a lifetime. Thank you, they said, to Dream On 3.

One more thing. It’s a request from Noah’s parents about dwarfism. Please, they ask, don’t use the word “midget.” It’s offensive. They say use “little people” or “dwarfism.” Or better yet, use the person’s name.

Like, Noah.

To find out more about Dream On 3 you can go to its website.

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