Town of Maiden bans all tobacco products from parks, town property

Town of Maiden bans all tobacco products from parks, town property

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The town of Maiden is the latest in our area to ban smoking on government-owned premises.

On Tuesday town officials voted unanimously to create this new ordinance.

The splash pad at Maiden Municipal Park is the perfect place for children to be during the summer, except for one thing.

“We would notice cigarette butts inside the water park area and around the swings and other playground areas," parent K.C. Craig said.

Craig is one of several parents happy to see the signs banning tobacco.

“No smoking, no vaping will be allowed in and around the parks and recreation properties of the town of Maiden,” Town Manager Todd Herms said.

He said it was time they pass something like this.

“So whens the last time you went to an outdoor sporting event and been able to smoke?" he said. "Maiden’s known as the biggest little football town in America. That’s 3 or 4 hours that they don’t smoke.”

He believes the same rule should apply here.

And so do parents like Destiny Steele.

“Kids don’t deserve to be breathing in all those chemicals that people put in their own bodies,” Steele said.

With vaping on the rise, she’s glad that’s banned too.

"They have little to no research on what's even in that anyways that they're blowing into the air."

But not everyone thinks it's fair.

“I think when you’re out so you should be able to do what you want to within reason,” Maiden resident Crystal Spencer said.

She suggests an alternative.

"I'm surprised they don't designate an area or something."

But when it comes to the kids, their opinion is clear.

“If they make children smelly then that’s bad for them,” one said.

“It makes people feel bad! It may kill you!” another said.

If you’re caught smoking, you’ll be asked to leave and if you disobey you could pay up to $50 dollars in fines.

Mecklenburg County passed a similar tobacco ordinance in 2015, and earlier this month Gaston County passed one too.

It will go into effect in Gaston County in July 2020.

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