‘God is a great God.' WBTV’s Steve Crump continues his journey on road to recovery

Updated: Jul. 12, 2019 at 7:07 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Veteran reporter and member of the WBTV family Steve Crump is stepping away from his television role again for a medical procedure.

Steve made the announcement during the 6 p.m. newscast with Molly Grantham and Jamie Boll.

WBTV's Steve Crump is taking another leave for a medical procedure. (WBTV)
WBTV's Steve Crump is taking another leave for a medical procedure. (WBTV)

"Let me thank the viewers - for your prayers, your thoughts, your gifts, your cards, your well-wishes - as we continue to go through this journey," Steve said. "I could not have done it, could not have remained this positive, could not have gotten to this destination without the help of you guys."

Steve just returned in March from a medical leave after a battle with colon cancer that kept him away for more than a year.

A surgical procedure to remove the cancer led to a serious MRSA infection, which caused him to be in the hospital for 51 days. For a time, Steve was on dialysis, breathing through a ventilator and using feeding tubes.

"God is a great God - there is no question," Steve said ahead of his upcoming absence, "in terms of what I went through when I had that MRSA, was in the hospital for 51 days... to have come out of that with what can be described and defined as a good prognosis is pretty impactful itself."

"Impactful" is also the best way to describe Steve's legacy in Charlotte and across the Carolinas.

For nearly 40 years Crump has been telling you stories from around the world and into every corner of the Carolinas, covering both the big picture and small.

He’s taught us about history and the Civil Rights Movement, often giving voice to the voiceless. The awards he’s accumulated for his work could fill a room.

Everyone here at WBTV and every one watching at home wish Steve the best on this new journey - and we can’t wait to have him back.

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