Lime scooters now added in Ballantyne

Scooter pilot program launched in Ballantyne

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The scooter craze has now reached Charlotte’s suburbs. Lime scooters have arrived in Ballantyne as a test run in hopes that people in the area will use them so that the scooters can stay in the long run, as the city of Ballantyne continues to grow.

“They’re awesome to ride. They’re super cheap," says Bradley Kendall and Andres Wilson who are Ballantyne natives. “I mean we don’t live too far from here so I think it would be pretty cool to walk up and walk back," says Kendall.

Ballantyne just rolled out the scooters this week.

The cost to ride the Lime scooters is a dollar for the first minute and then 33 cents per the additional minute and is accessible through the Lime app.

Town officials say the scooters provide Ballantyne affordability and an alternative to driving.

“If you can't park somewhere in your car then yeah, the scooter is a huge asset to have," says Kendall.

Yet you can’t ride these scooters everywhere, there are some areas, where you have to “pump the brakes”.

(Source: Go Ballantyne)
(Source: Go Ballantyne)

“We follow the city ordinance so we want to encourage everyone to be safe and ride on the sidewalks," says Thigpen.

Ballantyne provides riders with a map of locations where you can ride the lime scooters, with yellow lines highlighting the roads you can ride on.

When it comes to parking your scooter, Thigpen says "We don't want people to park in front of a building or in a parking deck."

Although these scooters provide an alternative to driving, having them in Ballantyne still raises questions.

“We’ll use them. I don’t know if other people would though," says Kendall, “To be honest, I don’t know if this is the best area to be using them because the people you're going to be hitting here all have jobs so I don’t really know if you're going to be seeing people with suits and ties riding them, but in the shopping centers? Yes, great area, uptown area, it’s a great addition to our city.”

Chris Boley, who works in Ballantyne says, “I just work here in Ballantyne, I don’t necessarily live here so I don’t know if i'd use them because i'd just walk around here in the complex and in town to get where I need to go.”

As Ballantyne tests out 26 Lime scooters, Thigpen says, “We’d love for the scooters to be successful in Ballantyne because we’d love to have more options for people to get around.”

Right now Lime is the only planned scooter company for Ballantyne according to the city and we have reached out to other big name scooter companies to see if there are any interest on their end of expanding to Ballantyne.

(Source: Chandler Morgan WBTV)
(Source: Chandler Morgan WBTV)

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