Community disturbed by fisherman’s ‘cruel and unusual’ discovery in Lake Park

Indian Trail neighborhood disturbed by fisherman’s ‘cruel and unusual’ discovery

INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (WBTV) - A fisherman describes the sight at his most recent trip to a pond in Lake Park as “cruel and unusual.”

Bill Metzker and his family have years of memories fishing along Alden Pond.

“It keeps a healthy fish population, there’s several different species,” he says.

And – there are turtles.

But the one he found on his most recent angling adventure was more of a disturbing discovery.

“I was coming up to this end to fish it, and just saw [the turtle] sitting here, I smelled it first,” he says.

Among the charred blades of grass, it still sits - the turtle tilted upside down, burned.

It seemed to him, to be a fire intentionally set to hurt the turtle.

He told WBTV, it’s not an area where you have a camp fire, and there’s nothing else surrounding it that would’ve been burned.

“And then I realize that…I’m hoping it wasn’t alive when they burned it,” Metzker says.

His daughter posted the finding to social media, garnering hundreds of responses from troubled neighbors. Many people voiced concern over potential danger of violence to other wildlife in the area.


“Nobody wants to see an animal treated wrong,” Metzker says.

Several mentioned to them, the potential danger to surrounding areas.

“It could’ve turned into a grass fire fairly easily,” he adds.

Metzker now says he hopes sights like this don’t keep visitors like him from being able to enjoy what he calls, a ‘paradise” for his family.

“I’m just hoping it didn’t suffer long,” he says of the turtle.

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