A look at the fast-growing tech industry in Charlotte

3 Things to Know: Tech jobs in NC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - With some new proof, Charlotte’s reputation may be changing.

The Queen City has long been known as a bank town, while Raleigh is known as the tech city, but some new numbers say Charlotte may take that title soon.

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance put out a new report on the city’s tech industry last week.

The report indicates that Charlotte is surpassing Raleigh.

According to the report, Charlotte had 117,000 tech jobs last year. Compare that to Raleigh, which had 114,000.

These numbers are from 2019 Silicon Valley Index.

Between 2012 and 2017, Charlotte has had the highest tech job growth rate in the country, while Raleigh has had much slower growth.

If this trend continues, the gap will widen.

Most of the people filling these new tech jobs are coming from from the Carolinas. The majority of people come from UNC Charlotte. That’s followed by NC State and App State.

The report says Charlotte has a mix of major tech companies and growing ones in the city. Charlotte is being recognized as a tech hub and so, companies have been adding more jobs to keep up with demand.

On Thursday, Governor Roy Cooper and local officials in Charlotte announced Thursday that Lowe’s would be bringing it’s new global technology hub to the Queen City, along with an estimated 1,600 jobs.

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