NC students would be required to take personal finance classes to graduate if new bill becomes law

Bill to require personal finance course in NC high schools

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Students in North Carolina are one step closer to learning more about their future when it comes to making and managing their money.

“We’ve got to have this offered in every school," says State Superintendent Mark Johnson. "How to manage their finances, how to watch their credit so that they can get a house, a car and the loans that it takes to get those.”

A bill requiring North Carolina teachers to teach a full-credit personal finance class passed in the House and Senate. Right now North Carolina high schoolers have to take a full credit civics and economics course which dabbles with personal finance.

A 500 dollar stipend would be given to each teacher that completes a professional development course to teach personal finance to their high schoolers. Some teachers are pushing back against the bill, they say it takes away teaching time for U.S. history and civics.

“It would have been much better than any of the other classes that we had. We would have been more prepared for when we became adults from when we graduated and went out to the real world," says one resident we talked to. “I didn’t get my experience balancing my check book until I started my first job.”

People we talked to say learning practical money management should be a requirement, not an option.

“It is more valuable because you are going to be doing this every single day. Theres not one person who isn’t going to be using money or learn how to use money.”

If Governor Roy Cooper makes this new bill a law, then that means students would take a full-credit personal finance course in order to graduate. The bill awaits his signature.

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