What happens to Dream On 3 kids, after the Dreams are over?

What happens to Dream On 3 kids, after the Dreams are over?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We show you lots of great stories of amazing kids having their dreams come true from charity Dream On 3.

We decided to twist that a little and take a minute to look past the dream, and check on what happens to these kids when they return from a dream weekend.

Turns out, there are waves of inclusion.

The unique experiences have a lasting impact for those involved and help these kids – who live with a disability – to feel more accepted by their peers.

For instance, remember Daveion, from Alexander Central High School? His student body came together with the help of Dream On 3, to send him to the NFL Draft in Nashville. Daveion lives with autism. “Fitting in” hasn’t always been easy. But when he got back, he was embraced and his peers crowned him Prom King.

Same for Anita Stirewalt, from North Stanly High. She wanted to go to a NASCAR Race and meet the drivers. She was voted Prom Queen.

Same for Ne’Quan Deas at Hickory Ridge High. His dream was to go see the Tennessee Titans play. Once returning to Catawba County, he, too, was elected Prom King.

As a few more examples as how lives have changed, students have said they’re getting more high-fives in hallways, invitations at a lunchroom tables, and entire student bodies are giving standing ovations as they cross the stage at graduation.

Those are great social bonuses for the Dream Kids… but also good lessons on empathy, compassion, and acceptance for all the students.

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