Charlotte leaders hit reset on new comp time policy

Charlotte leaders hit reset on new comp time policy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - City of Charlotte leaders are hitting the reset button on a policy proposal that would limit how much compensatory time exempt city employee can earn in a year. The decision came as WBTV was pressing for answers about the draft policy.

Early this month a WBTV investigation revealed the Charlotte’s Human Resources department had drafted a city-wide cop time policy proposal. Currently each department has its own policy. Salaried employees who are ineligible for earning overtime instead are awarded comp time for additional hours worked.

The proposed policy would limit exempt employees to retaining 80 comp hours per year even though some employees currently earn more than 240 hours in a year.

It would also prohibit managers, or people who supervise a supervisor, from accruing comp time.

But an email sent from Human Resources Director Sheila Simpson and obtained by WBTV shows the policy is getting reworked.

“We received a number of questions, suggestions that were made, and observed a need for clarification around the administration,” Simpson wrote in an email to some city employees on June 6th.

“As a result of the healthy dialogue held at the Senior Leadership Team, I am also planning to redirect the approach.”

On April 29, WBTV requested comments and questions about the policy proposal submitted by city employees. At the time of this publication those records have not been received.

Simpson also wrote that the policy would not take effect as scheduled.

“The DRAFT listed July 1st as an estimate effective date. At this time, that is very unlikely to occur by that specific date. HR will continue to address the questions, suggestions etc. that arose,” Simpson wrote.

Simpson also wrote that they will continue to work toward creating a city-wide policy instead of the “run your business” model in which departments have different policies.

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