More SROs to be securing Chester County Schools

More SROs to be securing Chester County Schools
A former Chester County deputy was arrested on accusations of misconduct in office and accepting bribes. (Source: WBTV graphic)

CHESTER, S.C. (WBTV) - The Chester County Sheriff’s Office and the Chester County School District entered a memo of understanding regarding school resource officers for the upcoming school year.

In recent years, the district used three SROs from the Sheriff’s Office to monitor its three high schools. A private company supplied security officers for the remaining schools in the district.

In February, Superintendent Dr. Angela Bain says the district and the county agreed to add one more SRO to the force. She says they were never able to get the mem of understanding completed, however.

“I’m not really sure of all of the hidden details but frankly I think it was just a difference of philosophy in what we needed and what they thought they needed at the sheriff’s office at the time,” Dr. Bain said.

Sheriff Max Dorsey took office on May 8th following the indictment and suspension of former Sheriff Alex Underwood. Sheriff Dorsey says resolving the issues regarding SROs was a top priority.

“I immediately, within 72 hours reached out to Dr. Bain,” Dorsey said.

Less than two months since taking office, the district and the county have come to an agreement. On Monday, they signed a memo of understanding stating the Sheriff’s Office would provide five SROs to the school district.

“In signing this memo of understanding shows that children, staff, administrators in our schools--- you matter,” Dorsey said.

According to Sheriff Dorsey, two SROs will cover Chester Middle and High Schools, two SROs will cover Lewisville Middle and High Schools and one SRO will cover Great Falls Middle and High Schools.

Dr. Bain says the district will continue to contract a private security company to cover the elementary schools in the district.

Under the agreement, the Sheriff’s Office and the School District will split the cost of the five SROS, each paying $127,338.00. The agreement lasts until June 30, 2021.

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