One-on-One with the highest paid CEO in Charlotte

Lending Tree: One-on-One with the highest paid CEO in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - WBTV sat down with the CEO of one of Charlotte’s most recognizable companies, one that often makes the list of the fastest-growing companies not only in the country, but in the world.

LendingTree, based in Ballantyne, is a financial tech company that directs people looking for a loan to lenders willing to borrow.

Doug Lebda, an accountant by trade, helped start the company back in 1996, when he struggled to get a mortgage for his first home.

The company went national in 1998 and he took it public in 2000. It has thrived through the tech bubble and the mortgage meltdown.

Earlier this week, WBTV’s Jamie Boll sat down with Lebda, for a wide-ranging conversation about what has made his company successful, what it takes to recruit and retain good people and even his pay.

Watch the conversation in the video above.

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