Charlotte pastor asking for volunteers to help with flood cleanup near Mountain Island Lake community

Volunteers needed for flood cleanup near Mountain Island Lake

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A Charlotte pastor is asking for volunteers to step up and help families who are in need after severe flooding damaged several homes.

Jack Homesley, the senior pastor at Calvary Baptist Church on Harwood Road in northwest Charlotte, authored a Facebook post Tuesday calling for community members to step up and help people whose homes had been damaged by recent flooding. The post has been shared on Facebook more than 270 times.

Homesley told WBTV that dozens of houses in the Riverside community near Mountain Island Lake and the Catawba River had been ravaged by floodwaters.

"We had 44 homes that had over six feet of water in them, and we had 42 vehicles that were just completely submerged," explained Homesley.

Along the neighborhood streets, front yards are littered with damaged furniture. Dumpsters have been placed near several properties so homeowners can dispose of flood-soaked items.

"It's been devastating because their homes are flooded," said Homesley.

He said he's spent the last few days helping people who are in need. Homesley said they've been gutting some homes and gathering supplies for homeowners.

“We’ve been collecting water, Gatorade, paper towels, cleaning solutions and delivering those to the people because they’re so overwhelmed, they can’t even come and get them,” explained Homesley.

The pastor thinks many people across Charlotte are oblivious as to what has transpired in the Riverside community.

“It is a catastrophe and it is right in our backyard and this is something we can do to help and help our fellow citizens,” said Homesley.

He said one of the biggest needs is volunteers who can help these families as they try to get rid of ruined items and restore their homes. He issued a call to action for the public.

"We need you. We don't necessarily even need your money. We need you to come and help us just help these folks," said Homesley.

He said anyone who wants to volunteer, can sign up at the Calvary Baptist Church during the daytime.

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has also set up a little base at the church where relief efforts are being organized.

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