Report: Rowan Co. woman tried to poison fiancé with eye drops, got idea from ‘Wedding Crashers’

Updated: Jun. 19, 2019 at 6:26 PM EDT
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SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) - A Rowan County woman was arrested after police say she tried to poison her fiancé to make him sick so she could leave without him interfering.

The incident happened on June 15 at a home on Grandeur Drive. According to the report, the 34-year-old fiancé caught his would-be bride, 31-year-old Jaymee Cruz, putting Visine eye drops in his soda. When he confronted her about it, the report states, they began arguing - so he locked himself and the couple’s 6-month-old daughter in a bedroom and called police.

“She said she wanted to talk to me, we’re talking… She says ‘does your stomach hurt?’ I said, ‘no my stomach’s not bad it’s been hurting a little bit,'” the man said on the phone with a 911 operator. “Well she comes walking back into my room. When I walk in there she’s pouring stuff into my drink.”

“I said, ‘what are you doing?’ And she said, ‘oh I’m trying to give you diarrhea,'" the man said. "She’s pouring Visine into my Coke.”

When police got to the scene, they say Cruz denied trying to poison the victim at first, but later admitted to doing it when confronted by officers and her fiancé at the same time.

Police say Cruz told them she wanted to move out of the house with her daughter, and wanted to make her fiancé sick so he wouldn’t be able to stop her. The report states Cruz told officers she got the idea while watching the movie “Wedding Crashers” the night before.

“She said I was trying to make you get diarrhea so I could incapacitate you. I want her out of my place," the man said. “That’s not sane behavior.”

Cruz was arrested and charged with distributing noxious/deleterious food, which is a felony. She was given a $2,500 bond a future court date.

The man said he doesn’t want her caring for the baby.

No further information has been released.

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