Charlotte residents concerned emergency vehicles can’t get through cars parked on the road

Charlotte residents concerned emergency vehicles can’t get through cars parked on the road

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - While parking remains a point of concern in growing Charlotte neighborhoods, some residents are worried the increasing congestion on their streets could be a safety hazard.

“It’s been times we haven’t got the trash picked up on time, that’s not a big deal,” Lara Enwall says. “But whenever it’s an emergency vehicle, it makes you think.”

Enwall stood from her front porch near 16th Street and North McDowell to take video of a firetruck stuck on her street, between cars parked on either side of the road. A firefighter had to exit the truck, to find the driver of one of the vehicles and have them move.

“I’m like, ‘Oh wow, that guy’s not going to make it through,’” she says.

Enwall says parking has been a problem on her stretch.

“It didn’t really phase me, until you see that,” she says.

There are ‘no parking’ signs down the road on 16th, but not in her portion, near North McDowell.

“So, on the weekend there’s a lot more traffic and people parking,” she says.

Brie Newton has lived near there for years, saying the crowding has kept crews from getting through, often.

“They’ll go door to door to apartments, trying to figure out who stays there and get them to move their car,” Newton says.

Enwall, now more aware of the problem, posted her video to social media, with plenty of responses.

“When you have to get through when somebody’s having a heart attack, house is on fire, that kind of stuff is important,” she says.

Those responses, she adds, are now causing a new realization, for her.

“It just doesn’t happen in this neighborhood, it happens everywhere.”

After WBTV called the city Tuesday, Enwall tells us she then received a call from the city’s traffic division, which will now conduct an investigation on this area.

They say the clearance for traffic coming through an area like this must be 10 feet.

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