Water woes in Concord: Residents complain of health issues after weeks of foul-smelling water

Concord families say tainted water making them sick

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Imagine you go home, fill up a glass of water, take a drink and it smells like mold and tastes off.

That's what residents in Concord say they've experienced for the past month.

Leaders at City Hall in Concord recognized that the smell and taste of the water has been off in a statement but say it’s an aesthetic issue.

Residents say they heard the city, but after drinking and bathing with it for weeks, they believe it is making them sick.

“It’s scary because we don’t know what’s in this water,” said Caroline Magyar, a Concord resident.

Magyar says about four weeks ago she came home and turned on her faucet.

“I immediately smelled a moldy, pond-like, disgusting smell,” said Magyar. “At first was really the smell then the following day I noticed the physical symptoms.”

Magyar says she worries her 4-month-old and 6-year-old’s health could be impacted.

“My husband and I developed canker sores from brushing our teeth,” said Magyar. “My kids got rashes from bathing in the water, I made coffee with the water and my husband and I, our throats swelled, actually swelled.”

The City of Concord said about 25,000 residents may receive water from Albemarle which they recognize has a “strong odor and taste,” but said it is safe to use.

Read the City of Concord’s full statement here.

11-year-old Grace Preziosi says when she turned on the faucet in her new house in Concord last week, she knew something was off.

″It was sort of tingly in my throat and I didn’t like it, like when you’re showering you can smell it all through the bathroom," said Grace.

“My niece came over yesterday and it literally burned both of our throats, she tried it and was like it’s burning my throat," Danielle Preziosi, a homeowner in Concord.

The City of Concord said this change in water is because of an algae bloom from their water source in Albemarle.

Concord says the water is being treated properly and nothing in it would cause health problems.

“I feel like we’re not being told the truth because my own personal experience we have gotten ill from the water,” said Magyar.

“The water is making people sick, causing sores in their mouth, causing digestive issues in general," said Preziosi.

Albemarle says they started flushing out the algae water a week and a half ago.

Concord began flushing the water yesterday.

“We’ve had to wash our kids in bottled water, drink bottled water, brush our teeth with bottled water,” said Magyar.

“I’ve been buying bottled water and cooking with that and you can smell it throughout the house,” said Preziosi.

“We want clean water, I think it’s a pretty simple request, I want to be safe and I want my kids to be safe," said Magyar.

The City of Concord said that customers should see the odor dissipate over the next days as they are flushing it out.

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