Want to hang with a dog for a day? A new program will let you do it, no strings attached

Want to hang with a dog for a day? A new program will let you do it, no strings attached

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - There’s a brand-new opportunity for any dog lovers in our area to give and get some puppy love with no strings attached.

CMPD’s Animal Care and Control office started a “Staycation” program which allows you to go to the shelter, find a dog, sign a waiver and take them to play for a while with no commitment.

Puppies like 10-month-old Lou are on the list. Lou is bright-eyed and full of life, until it’s time to go back to the kennel.

You can tell in the way he pulls against the leash, he doesn’t want to go.

“Constantly barking at the door as people pass by, those are signs they are getting some stress,” said Melissa Knicely, Animal Care and Control Spokesperson.

Dozens of dogs like little Lou are found homeless and brought to CMPD’s center.

“As you can imagine we don’t have enough staff to walk the dogs and give them the attention they need every day,” said Knicely.

Knicely says there’s a new program to help solve that problem: Staycations.

“It’s a simple waiver. So you come in, meet and greet on the board of dogs eligible for staycation,” said Knicely.

Then you pick your dog, little Lou is on the list, and staycation play time is on for up to 5 days.

“I think it’s a good chance for people to see if they want a dog, they can take them home, see how they react and hopefully adopt one,” said one dog-mom who recently adopted a rescue dog.

Knicely says that hope for more dogs to be adopted has come true since kicking off the program.

“Over half of the dogs that went into staycation have been adopted by their staycation family. It just gives me chills, isn’t that great?” said Knicely.

The shelter is open 11-5 on weekdays if you want to come by and check out a dog like Lou for some love and playtime. The shelter also offers an option to just come by and walk a dog during your lunch break if you do not want to keep one for a staycation.

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