One drive thru in Gastonia is handing out something special free of charge, doesn’t fuel your stomach but your spirit

Prayer drive-thru in Gaston County

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - There’s a unique drive thru in Gastonia where faith replaces food. Kind of. The folks behind it say what they’re serving won’t feed your stomach but will fuel the soul.

Standing at the corner of Welch Lane and Springwood Road with neon-colored signs, members of Sunset Forest Baptist are ready to take your order.

“It’s like a drive thru at McDonald’s, but we ain’t gonna give you no food. We’re just going to pray for you,” said Eric Mayhue, a deacon at the church.

Tonda Mathis was one of several drivers who pulled in because she was looking for hope.

“Mostly I wanted to pray for my grandchildren to keep them safe, and I have a brother that’s got precancerous colon cancer,” Mathis confirmed.

The message these parishioners are trying to share is there is power behind prayer. Some of them spent the hour or so spreading the good word because they have testimonies of their own.

“He’s healed me and I’m just thankful that I’m alive today,” said one church member.

“It enriches the soul,” said another.

Not all drivers passing through stopped to pull over, but a lot of them did at least acknowledge their presence by honking their horn.

In what could be considered divine intervention, one driver who passed the group, quickly made a U-turn.

"And said the Lord told her to come back. She came back and asked for prayer,” said Pam Griffin, a member of the church.

These praying warriors say there is no right or wrong way to have your moment with God, even if you don’t know what to ask for.

“Whatever comes to your mind and your heart is what you say,” said Mayhue.

The group says they’re doing this to show support, build relationships and give people comfort.

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