Family’s beloved dog accidentally euthanized while in quarantine at NC shelter

Family’s beloved dog accidentally euthanized while in quarantine at NC shelter
A photo of Blaze tweeted out by SpectrumNewsNC. The dog was in quarantine when it was accidentally euthanized by the Davidson County Animal Shelter, says the family. (Source: TWITTER SCREENSHOT)

Lexington, N.C. (Mark Price/Charlotte Observer) - A mix-up at a North Carolina animal shelter resulted in a family’s beloved year old Australian cattle dog being euthanized by mistake, reported WXII and other media outlets.

The Varker family of Lexington, N.C., learned their dog Blaze was dead Tuesday, when workers at the Davidson County Animal Shelter had trouble finding it, the station reported.

“Our dog, a full blooded blue healer, was mistakenly put down! How does this happen?” Joey Varker posted on Facebook June 12. “This mistake has taken a member of our small family and hurt not only me and my wife but also our 3 boys....Our kids are devastated.”

The Davidson County Animal Shelter confirmed the mistake to news outlets, telling WXII that “paperwork got crisscrossed.” In the process, the “dog just got mistakenly misplaced,” county staff told Spectrum News.

“It was an unfortunate incident and a mistake was made,” Jeb Hanner, the county manager, was quoted telling Fox 8. “We are taking extra precautions to double check... in so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Joey Varker said on Facebook that the dog was new to the family and was taken to the shelter for a routine 10-day quarantine after it bit one of their children.

“While it was a minor injury, we still had to follow procedures to insure that it doesn’t happen again, which means our dog had to be monitored,” he posted.

He says his wife discovered Blaze had been euthanized when she stopped by the shelter midway through the quarantine period.

“We were offered another dog from the shelter, which is a insult to my wife me and our 3 children,” he posted. “After talking to the city manager we were offered $300 in compensation for our dog which was an even bigger insult. How do you put a price on a family member which our dog was! We don’t want money, we want answers.”

The family wants “someone to be held accountable,” Joey Varker said on Facebook — and they want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“I promise we will do everything in our power to insure (sic) no family has to go through what ours has in the past few days,” he posted.

I've debated about putting this out there on Facebook but here goes a week ago our dog bit a young member of our family...

Posted by Joey Varker on Wednesday, June 12, 2019