Cashier fired after writing racial slur on receipt at Rock Hill Arby’s

Employee fired after racial slur put on receipt

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - A 22-year-old woman is asking for answers after she recieved a receipt for her recent order at the Arby’s in Rock Hill with a racial slur in bold lettering.

Candice Torbit checked her receipt to to see what her order number was when she noticed the slur. When she asked the person in line next to her to see what his receipt said, she noticed that it only included the order number.

Torbit approached the African American cashier who had printed the receipt and asked him for an explanation about the usage of that word but was left confused by his response. “Why would you put that on there? And his defense was, ‘Well, I’m black'.”

‘At that point, I’m really embarrassed...out of all these people in this restaurant, why would you single me out like that?'

Torbit asked the manager of that franchise, located off of Cranium Drive near Piedmont Medical Center, for an explanation and told her that she would not spend her money at that location again but believed that the manager did not seem to empathize.

A later call to the fast-food chain’s corporate office left Torbit frustrated as well as they said they would arrange a case around the matter but did not immediately tell her when they would get back in touch to follow up.

‘I’ve been this color my whole life. I’ve dealt with everything. I’ve been called everything in the book, you know what I mean? But at 22-years-old and I’m giving you my money…I didn’t expect that...I didn’t expect to be profiled, just trying to go get something to eat.’

Arby’s later released a statement on the matter in response to a request from WBTV:

“Arby’s strives to create a respectful and welcoming environment for all guests. Regrettably, the actions of this cashier do not reflect the values of our Brand, and he has been terminated. We have spoken to the guest and apologized, and will also be re-training the staff at this restaurant on our core values, which emphasize fostering a friendly and inclusive environment for all guests.”
Arby's Corporate

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