Police warn of suspicious persons, burglars seeking opportunity while homeowners are away

Police warn of suspicious persons, burglars seeking opportunity while homeowners are away

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - As summer vacation kicks off, police say this is time when burglars or suspicious people try to make their move. Madison Park residents in the Charlotte area say similar situations have been happening to them, caught on their home security cameras.

“You don’t know if they’re pulling, coming up to deliver something or - you just don’t know,” said one resident.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say this activity can happen anywhere, someone you don’t know, on your property.

Another Madison Park resident says that “more recently people coming up to the yard, or people coming up to the door.”

Neighbors say that their security cameras caught a suspicious woman on their porch, peering into their homes. Other neighbors also claimed the woman was caught on their cameras with similar suspicious activity.

“I think people should be made aware of the situation for sure,” one neighbor, who recently moved into the neighborhood, said.

Residents from Madison Park say the neighborhood is a quiet area with little crime.

There have been 3 reports to police of a suspicious person in the area within the past week.

Lt. Joan Gallant from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said, “Break-ins can occur at any time, especially during the day when people are at work, anytime they are away, and yes, including vacations.”

“It’s going to happen anywhere, I mean especially in the city suburbs,” says another neighbor.

Whether residents are away on vacation or at work, police say it is a good idea to have some form of home security system where you can monitor in real-time from your phone.

“It can help develop suspects later in a case,” says Lt. Gallant, “Lock your doors, your windows, utilize your interior and exterior lights, don’t post on social media that you’re going to be away on vacation.”

“Just, as long as people know that it’s happening, especially in the summer time, as people are vacationing, be aware of that. You know, asking a neighbor to look over their house while their gone,” explained a neighbor we talked to.

CMPD also urges residents to call 911 to report suspicious activity within the area.

“Most crimes do occur because of an opportunity," said Lt. Gallant, “so anything you can do to limit your opportunity is beneficial.”

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