Family of 14-year-old Ethan Britt asks for prayers

Family of missing teen holding on to hope

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The family of a 14-year-old swimmer whose body was found last week, is asking for prayers from the community.

Ethan Britt went missing when he and a friend were swept up in the South Fork Catawba River. His friend was rescued Tuesday. Britt’s body was found several days later.

“He just grew up liking the outdoors,” dad Ike Britt says. "He could’ve gotten up on the bank and got out,” he said, before Britt’s body was discovered.

He says he found what his son left behind.

“I went looking for him, down the creek,” he says. “They pulled their shirts off, and shorts, and went down to the creek, I don’t know how they got down to the [South Fork] Catawba River.”

“Teenage boys, they’re going to get out in a creek,” Myra Britt says. “But you just wouldn’t imagine them going into the rapid water like they did. But they might have been daring each other, I don’t know. Because teenage boys do that.”

Ike Britt says a trip like that would not be out of character for his son.

“He likes adventure,” he says. “He got stuck in the top of a tree one time, had to call the fire department to get him out.”

Ike tells WBTV his son talked about going into the Marines when he got old enough.

Officials say teams will again search the South Fork River on Friday.

The family is continuing to ask for prayers from the community.

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