2019 Heroes Convention comes to the Queen City

Updated: Jun. 13, 2019 at 2:04 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - You may notice a lot of superheroes and super-villains converging on the Queen City this weekend. That’s because the 2019 Heroes Convention is set for Friday, June 14 through Sunday, June 16.

The annual event is a huge thing for all comic book lovers everywhere. Started in 1982, founder Shelton Drum says it has become an event that literally draws fans from around the world.

“We had 400 people come that year,” said Drum, recalling the 1982 premiere convention with humble beginnings. “And now we’re expecting 40,000.”

Drum is also the owner and founder of Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find, a comic book store on Pecan Avenue. He says he started the convention to take the next step of bringing his beloved heroes to life, and as a “thank you” to those who supported his new store.

“It was mainly started to give something to my customers and to promote my store,” said Drum. “We had been doing small shows up until that time and I wanted to do something a little heavier, that meant a little bit more.”

Today, the event features not only opportunities to create your own art, workshops, panels and (of course) cosplay contests, there are dozens of artists and storytellers behind the comics that come out personally to meet with their fans.

“We stayed true to what we started as,” said Drum. “It’s a comic book convention and we still feature comic book writers and vendors as our guests. And I’m proud that we have the best vendors from the country.”

Something special that started this year: all participants 18 and under get in free.

Drum says that he’s excited every year to see things come together, and let people know that heroes can be found in your own backyard... and some would even say he is.

“I did have someone cosplay as me a couple of years ago,” said Drum. “It was pretty freaky. He had a full head mask that was molded off a photo of me, I guess. And he was wearing one of my shirts and carrying a comic book around. It was pretty weird.”

For more information on the schedule, guest list and ticket information, visit the 2019 Heroes Convention website here.

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