Catawba County sends teams out to assess the flood damage

Catawba County sends teams out to assess the flood damage

NEWTON, N.C. (WBTV) - As officials across the state continue to tally up the damage reports after weekend flooding, Catawba County sent four teams in the field on Wednesday to take a closer look.

The teams were making dollar estimates of the damage they were finding. The total will be turned over to the state as North Carolina officials determine whether a disaster declaration should be made.

The assessment teams went to homes of people who filled out a form detailing what damage they have suffered. In most cases, say officials, the problems were flooded basements and damaged property as a result.

In some areas, major damage occurred to homes and other structures. One home along lookout Shoals Lake, where several feet of water went into homes, damage was estimated to be more than $50,000.

Officials are urging anyone in Catawba County who has damage to go to the county website at and click on the red tab to get to the reporting form.

Officials hope to have a final figure by next week.

Those who fill out the form may be eligible for a waiver in tipping fees for any material taken to the landfill that is flood related. They also may qualify for a waiver of the fees for any permits needed to make necessary home repairs due to the flooding.

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