Mudslides shut down Watauga County Road

Mudslides shut down Watauga County Road

DEEP GAP, N.C. (WBTV) - DOT Highway crews have their hands full in Watauga County, just as they do in every county that was hit hard with weekend rainfall.

In Watauga County, though, it’s not sinkholes or major washouts. Instead, the biggest issue has been mudslides.

The hardest hit area for that is Elk Creek Road near Deep Gap. There’s several minor slides and one mountain of mud that came down the hillside. The big slide has the road inundated.

Crews are working to move the mud and haul it off but it could take a week or more says DOT County Maintenance Engineer Kevin Whittington.

“We will get this road open as quick as we can,” Whittington said.

Extra crews have been brought in from Surry County to help.

For some people who live down the road, on the opposite side of the slide from Deep Gap, the detour is extremely long if they want to get to Boone.

The best way to do it, said officials, is to actually drive down the mountain almost to Lenoir and make the trek up the mountain via Highway 321.

DOT is asking for patience at that job site and the many others across the mountains and foothills as cleanup and repairs from the weekend storms continues.

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