Cramerton neighbors, businesses deal with rising South Fork River water

Cramerton neighbors, businesses deal with rising South Fork River water

CRAMERTON, N.C. (WBTV) - Neighbors in Cramerton are used to some level of flooding along the South Fork River, but it has been several years since it has been as high as they are seeing Monday night.

“This is the highest I’ve ever seen it, this time of year,” 69-year resident Herman Beaty says.

The sight includes things like shut-down piers and sunken picnic tables, even one group in a hurried attempt to save tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of lawn care equipment behind their residence.

“We’ve been through this before, I don’t know how many times,” Beaty says.

“We just kind of play it by ear,” resident Alex Eisenhower says.

The rising river water means some loss for neighbors like them.

“I just hate my boy worked all of the garden, now we ain’t got nothing,” Eisenhower says.

For a row of buildings including the Cramerton Fire Department and local businesses along Eighth Avenue, ‘preparation,’ is the word of the day.

“Now, it’s like, we’re ready for it,” Cramerton Drug owner Brad King says.

But, the scene there Monday is rare - the highest they have seen the water rise in years.

“That’s where we park,” King says, motioning to the submerged lot behind his building.

The businesses say they will stay open during normal operating hours, barring a power outage, or the flood actually reaching their floorboards.

“Unless the building itself is flooding, we’re going to stay open,” barista Erin Morgan at Floyd and Blackie’s Coffee and Ice Cream says.

“We need to serve the community,” King says. “We’ll be here for them if they need us.”

It is something people in this area have come to expect - the price of their paradise, some say.

“[It is] too beautiful to move from,” Beaty says.

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