VIDEO: Woman steals tip jar from restaurant in Gastonia

Woman steals tip jar from restaurant in Gastonia

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A woman was caught on camera stealing a tip jar from a restaurant in Gastonia.

The CDA Store off Union Road is a staple in Gastonia that has been around for decades. Employees like Madison Carrigan serve up some of the Carolinas’ favorite snacks.

“Everything’s on a bun, hamburger bun. Livermush we’re famous for, bologna, bacon. We have our famous steak and gravy,” Carrigan explained in an interview with WBTV.

The restaurant caters to the brunch crowd, with several employees working at the same time.

“We work very hard every day. We know our customers just like the back of our hand,” Carrigan said.

On Tuesday morning, employees served a customer they’ll never forget.

A woman who had already ordered food, came back into the store to pick up some hashbrowns, and while the staff wasn’t looking, she stole the tip jar. Surveillance video of the incident shows the theft as it takes place.

“It baffled me. Like really? How could that happen? Right in front of me,” Carrigan said.

She said the woman went to the bathroom, took the money from the jar and put the actual container in the trash. Carrigan said the woman then returned to the counter to grab her food and left the store.

“It makes me very angry and not only me but everybody else I work with. It’s not it wasn’t that much. It’s just the simple fact of you taking something that’s not yours,” Carrigan said.

The video of the incident has been posted online on Facebook and has been viewed thousands of times.

Carrigan says if the woman needed help, all she had to do was ask.

“I mean we help people all the time. Somebody will come up. ‘I’m hungry, I need something’. We’ll help them. That’s just the type of company that we are,” Carrigan said.

Employees say that since the video has spread online, their loyal customers have been tipping big. Some people leaving $5, $10, even as much as $50.

If you know who the woman in that video is, please call the Gastonia police.

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