Forever Family: Foster Parents Recruitment

Published: Jun. 4, 2019 at 7:42 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - I love that this week Forever Family is playing a follow up story to last week’s testimonies from foster moms. This week we dive a little deeper to focus on the “why” behind our call to action.

In MAPP class - where we train foster and adoptive families - we encourage them to look past the behavior that some of our children who come from hard places are more prone to display. We help them to focus on the emotion and the reason behind their action. We tell new foster families time and time again, “look for the why behind the behavior.”

This week the story explains the “why” that drives our weekly segments. We invest the time, energy and resources because we believe that there are more capable families who should consider stepping up to the calling of foster care. We ask families to consider taking that step of faith knowing that the licensing process can take several months of classes and paperwork. We know that once a family becomes licensed and a child enters their home there will be even more challenges that arise.

We have seen children go on to be adopted and continue to work toward overcoming past trauma, and in some cases fully healing. In the segment the director of Seven Homes, Ken laughs and says, “oh no, this is not easy” when he speaks about the journey he himself has been on as a foster/adoptive father. So that begs the question… Why do it? Why enter a process that you know will be challenging? Why enter something that you know will have difficulty when society encourages us to do “what is easy, what makes YOU happy.”

We ask you to consider learning more about becoming a foster parent for a few reasons. First of all, we understand that our children enter the system through no fault of their own. We are all too familiar with the vast number of children in care and the overwhelming shortage of thousands of foster families statewide. We desire to see every child within the state of North Carolina in a safe and loving home, and we know there are families out there who are capable.

Yes, it is new. Yes, there will be unknowns along the way. Yes, it can seem overwhelming and even scary. However, we ask you to consider taking a chance anyway. Why? These children deserve a safe place, these children deserve love, these children deserve more than to float in the system unclaimed.

Forever Family and Seven Homes has personally been involved in hundreds of adoptions where our children heal and thrive. They become someone’s sibling, someone’s child. They find security in a safe home. They find joy in the love of a family. They find hope in knowing they are worthy. They find a future through a family willing to say yes. Why should you consider taking the step to learn more about fostering and adopting?

Because you are a safe home. You can be someone’s family. You believe our children are worthy, and just maybe after this segment, you will say “yes.”

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