Family, friends of Charlotte man killed fearful over release of accused killer

Murder suspect allowed to bond out of jail

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Family and friends of a man killed in south Charlotte are concerned after the man accused of the crime was released from jail.

Daquarius Connor was arrested Wednesday for the murder of Ever Reyes-Romero. He is accused of shooting the 46-year-old inside a car on Nations Ford Road on Memorial Day.

“I couldn’t believe it happened to one of the people we knew,” a Charlotte man who wants his identity hidden told WBTV Tuesday.

The man describes his friend as a “hardworking individual,” trying to provide for his family locally, and in his home country.

Wednesday, there was some relief to all the friends and family’s concerns, he says, after Connor was arrested.

“You think sometimes an innocent victim like that, in such an innocent way, it almost seems possible that [the suspect] could get away,” the man says. “So, a big relief that he was caught”

But that feeling was short-lived he says, for him, and for the Reyes-Romero family. They found out two days later, Connor, charged with murder, was released on a $100,000 bond.

“We thought it was a misprint,” he says. “We didn’t think there was any way, you could walk up to someone, shoot them in their vehicle, and be walking around back in public in two days. That’s just crazy.”

While Mecklenburg County judges cannot comment on pending trials, court documents show pre-trial services rate Connor a 'one’ out of six on the ‘new criminal activity’ and ‘failure to appear’ scales, which can impact the amount of a bond.

This man says, it is making family and friends fearful.

“They’re very scared,” he says. “They don’t want to go public, and there’s no way to live like that. It’s like the wild west, you just walk up to someone, shoot them, and keep going, and nothing happens.”

It is why he is speaking out for them, he says, wanting justice for his friend.

“It’s reliving of the situation all over again, living in fear,” he says. “Wondering if he’s coming back, is there going to be retaliation.”

Court documents show Connor is on 24-hour house arrest now. He will have a court-appointed lawyer for upcoming court dates.

If you are interested in helping, click here for the family’s GoFundMe.

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