Two admit responsibility in Fentanyl deaths

Two guilty pleas in overdose death

LENOIR, N.C. (WBTV) - Two people who authorities say were involved in a drug ring bringing Fentanyl from Charlotte to Lenoir pleaded guilty to supplying the drug to two people who died from it.

Erica Haas admitted to Involuntary Manslaughter in a case from last year. Hannah Kincaid died just hours after using Fentanyl that she got from Haas.

Police say Haas bought the drug from another dealer in Charlotte.

Kelvis Dula was also in court on Monday. He pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder in the death of Madison Workman. That case happened in July of 2017.

Police believe Dula got the Fentanyl from the same dealer that Haas did.

In both cases, authorities say Dula and Haas were aware that people had died from taking the drug before they supplied it to Workman and Kincaid.

“If they know they are selling in death they need to be held accountable,” said Amber DelVechio, the mother of Madison Workman.

She hopes that the guilty pleas will help the community take notice of the issue of Fentanyl abuse and addiction.

“We need more programs, more recovery programs,” she said.

Haas was sentenced to a minimum of 70 months in prison and with credit for time served could be out in five and a half years.

Dula received a sentence of at least 125 months and with his credit for time already behind bars, he could be free in just over nine years.

Sheriff Alan Jones says dealers should take notice of what happened. “We are going to prosecute you,” he said.

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