Bear sightings on the rise with one spotted in Lenoir

Bear roams Lenoir neighborhoods

LENOIR, N.C. (WBTV) - It’s that time of year again for bear sightings. Young males, kicked out of the den, are looking for new territory and a mate. In some cases, they wander into populated areas, even downtowns.

That’s what happened in Lenoir this week. A young male was spotted walking along College Avenue and into residential neighborhoods. Joe Bryant saw it at his apartment complex.

“It was trying to get in,” he said.

A construction crew had left a door open and the bear started to wander through. Several people inside, though, started yelling and the bear turned and left.

Experts say the bears are not looking to hurt anyone, but it is still best to stay back and just enjoy the view. In most cases, the bears will leave and not return.

So far, no issues have been reported because of wandering bears. Anyone who spots one, though, should keep children and pets away and call their local law enforcement.

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