Heat wave continues as another day hits 95 degrees

Wednesday night weather forecast: 11pm

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - After another high temperature of 95 blistering degrees on Wednesday, that now makes four of the last five high temperatures hitting 95°. Looking forward, Thursday is heading right back into the mid 90s again, but thereafter we’ll finally start to see a gradual downward trend in temperatures into and beyond the weekend.

Highs should finally stay below 90° on Saturday as we’ll see upper 80s both weekend days and that will be followed by highs in the mid 80s early next week.

That will probably be the coolest we get during this forecast period which still fails to put us back down at average highs for this time of year, but it’s certain much closer to that average high of 82° this time of year.

As of the end of the day Wednesday, it marked our 6th straight day above 90°, our 14th straight day of at-or-above average temperatures and our 18th consecutive day without a drop of rain in Charlotte.

While we do expect to take the edge of this heat, the outlook for more rain is still not looking rosy.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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