Doctors encourage heart-testing for student athletes to stay safe in hot summer workouts

Screenings before kids' summer workouts

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you stepped outside today you might have started sweating almost right away.

Just imagine running and working out for hours in that heat.

That's what a lot of students in our area are preparing for with summer sports workouts.

But before those begin, experts in our area say there’s an important health screening your kids need to go through to make sure it’s safe.

That’s where this free screening comes in.

“Our whole point is to make sure kids are playing sports safely,” said Dr. David Price, a sports physician.

Summer work outs for athletes out on the field can be tough under scorching sun.

“Making sure these guys can play safe in the heat cause they’re gonna be starting up in the summer,” said Price.

Price helped start an event called Heart of a Champion that offers free heart tests for student-athletes to detect any problems they have that could impact their ability to work out safely.

"You’re gonna get your heart checked, called an EKG, to make sure their hearts are in good shape,” said Price.

Doctors say identifying high-risk disorders in student athletes and getting treatment, before they go out to practice and exert themselves, in the heat is a key goal.

"We started Heart of a Champion almost, I think it’s 12 years ago, and it was done really to help the under-served,” said Price.

Price says he used to travel to school gyms to check students’ health before workouts, but he wanted to go a step further.

"We tried to hook them up with a primary care physician and instead we married that with some cardiology folks and the athletic trainers in the great school system,” said Price.

The Heart of a Champion screening registration is now closed, but if you’d like to get checked out ask your doctor.

Doctors say hydrating is important to do with temperatures heating up, whether you’re an athlete or not.

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