‘She would do anything for anybody.’ Son remembers woman who died in bus crash

Son of church bus crash victim reflects on her life

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - One day after 87-year-old Daisy Withers died in a bus accident on I-77, her son reflected on her character and what she meant to the family.

“My mom, she was full of joy. She never met a stranger. Her smile was breathtaking. She would do anything for anybody," said her son, Jeffrey Brown. "Everybody calls her Granny. Even if you had met her we would have introduced her as Granny.”

Withers had been aboard an activity bus for Victory Christian Center, a local church, when the driver missed an exit and slammed into the wall, causing the bus to erupt into flames.

At a Sunday service held just hours after the accident at, Marilyn Gool, the wife of one of the church’s pastors, took a moment to remember Withers as well as those injured in the crash.

“We are a family, a church family, so we care deeply about each and every one of our members."

“She loved her pastor, she loved her church, she loved the Lord,” said Brown.

While her son still has questions about how his mother died and what happened to cause the accident, he is taking the time to grieve and reflect on a family that was still recovering from another loss just a few years prior.

“I’m the only son she had, it’s only me and my sister. And one of the hardest things about it is three years ago in May we lost our sister to cancer and now we lose our mom in a bus accident."

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