Mooresville community honors veterans at Field of Flags ceremony

Field of Flags in Mooresville honors fallen heroes

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) - The town of Mooresville, with the support of sponsor the Mooresville-Lake Norman Exchange Club, hosted the Field of Flags ceremony on Monday in the lot adjacent to the Lowe’s YMCA.

The event was held as a way to commemorate fallen and active soldiers who had served their country by placing over 750 US flags in the ground, each of which was sponsored by a community member in dedication to a past or present member of the armed forces.

Among the hundreds of flags stood a special display for Officer Jordan Sheldon, placed at the center of the field and consisting of a wreath as well as blue American flag in support of the law enforcement community.

While the flags stood waving, visitors to the field watched multiple speakers, including Mooresville mayor Miles Atkins, recite the names of each soldier sponsored in this event. A moment of silence as well as the playing of branch songs for each of the US armed forces followed the speakers as those in attendance who had served were asked to stand and be recognized.

One organizer of the ceremony described the importance of this event for not only the men and women who served in the armed forces but also their loved ones. “This is a healing field to a lot of folks."

Community support for the ceremony was widespread and officials stated that while they did not have an official number, this year’s Field of Flags had the biggest turnout yet.

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