How to spot heat exhaustion early and ways to keep kids, pets & the elderly safe

Doctor warns other after dog dies in heat

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A Charlotte doctor is warning others after he says his dog died from the heat outside his house.

Imagine a day like today – hot and sunny. It’s your birthday, and you got a babysitter for the kids and dog at home and go out to celebrate for a little while.

But soon after, you get devastating news about your dog.

One family in our area got a heartbreaking call about their beloved dog, Buster, who tragically died in the heat.

The father who lost that dog is also a doctor and says it’s part of why he takes health and safety for pets, elderly people and kid in the heat seriously.

“Be careful with pets, I actually lost one of my dogs to heat stroke, and we miss Buster and we don’t want it to happen to any other dogs," said David Price, a sports medicine physician at Atrium Health.

Price pulled out his phone to show photos of his new dog that he got after tragically losing their dog Buster in the heat.

“He was one of those Boston terriers with the smushed in noses and poor thing couldn’t breathe and just miscommunication at home," said Price.

Price works as a physician helping people stay healthy in the heat.

He says pets, elderly people and kids are especially vulnerable when temperatures rise.

“Be really kind of watching for young kids who might not sweat as much, who might not verbalize it," said Price.

A watchful eye and lots of hydration are key in the heat.

Price also recommends to stay out of the sun in the heat of the day between 10 and 2.

“If you start noticing someone who is not responding appropriately, air on the side of caution and treat them quickly and get them cooled off," said Price.

Some signs of heat exhaustion to look out for are being red in the face, getting dizzy, lots of sweating, feeling nauseous, a worsening headache.

Price says if you do have those symptoms, get out of the environment quickly, before it gets any worse.

“Finding shade, get a cool wash cloth, just anything you can do to cool off. If it gets worse and there’s a pool around jump in the pool if you can swim," said Price.

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