E-Scooters involved in dozens of accidents, used to commit crimes

E-Scooters involved in dozens of accidents, used to commit crimes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - E-Scooters have been involved in dozens of accidents and are even used as get-away vehicles after robberies and assaults. A records request by WBTV found that CMPD have responded 76 calls involving rental scooters between Mat 2018 and March 2019.

During that time,

- There were 61 accidents involving scooters.

- Three cases where pedestrians were hit by scooters.

- Another 35 accidents were scooter versus vehicle.

- On several occasions there were serious injuries, but no deaths.

- Nine different times scooters were used in a crime, usually as a getaway vehicle after a robbery or assault.

WBTV reached out to both e-scooter companies cited most often in the reports – Bird and Lime.

Both companies provided statements emphasizing that scooters are safer than cars.

"As shared e-scooters become an essential transportation mode in this shift away from cars it is critically important that micromobility operators, cities, and organizations shine a data driven light on how to improve the safety of all road users," Bird Director of Safety Policy & Advocacy Paul Steely White wrote.

“At lime, the safety of our riders and the community is our number one priority. that’s why every day we’re innovating on technology, infrastructure and education to set the standard for micro-mobility safety,” a Lime spokesperson wrote.

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