Overprocessed foods add 500 calories to your diet every day, causing weight gain

Less processed foods tend to make up a healthier diet

(CNN/Gray News) – People limited to a diet of primarily highly-processed foods ate more calories and gained more weight than when their diet mostly consisted of minimally-processed foods, a new study says.

In a society that puts a high premium convenience, the problem is a big one. It may save you time, but it’s not doing any favors to your waistline.

A shocking 61% of American adults get their total diet from ultraprocessed foods, according to the study published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

People who mainly ate ultraprocessed foods consume about 500 more calories per day because they end up eating more.

Over a month’s time, they gained an average of 2 pounds.

Those that stuck to unprocessed foods, lost about 2 pounds.

The people on the ultraprocessed diet also ate faster and took extra helpings.

The authors of the study point out confusion over all the diet and nutrition advice being marketed to the public saying it only adds to the problem.

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