Want to go boating this summer? Here are the safety tips pros had to share

Staying safe on the water

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Warm temperatures in the forecast mean many of you may want get out and enjoy the weather on the water.

Local boat professionals tell us there are a lot of things people forget to bring or do when on the water.

One family-owned business says as their boating season picks up, so do their warnings for everyone to stay safe on the water.

“On the water you’re supposed to be happy, always have a smile on your face,” said Luke Sutton with Destination Water Sports.

Sutton’s father started the family boating business and now Luke works on the team.

“We’re starting to pick up on the summer time and people are enjoying the weather," said Sutton. “Today it’s been, I would say the perfect day.”

Families coming off a day on the water agree.

“Today was great, not too crowded, it was perfect," said one father.

As families go out on boats, Sutton says he goes over many safety instructions and information to make sure guests are always safe while enjoying the water.

“Be cautious because you want to put your family members and your guests lives first," said Sutton.

Sutton says another way to stay safe is to pay attention to your cell phone.

“If you do reach a problem, it’s key that you have battery in your phone so you can call for help," said Sutton.

Sutton says its important to know where all the safety devices are on your boat, like one item you might not have known existed: throw cushions.

“Throw cushions are generally right beside the driver, the captain of the boat in case anyone falls off the boat you would save them with this,” said Sutton.

Sunscreen and a pair of long-sleeves to protect your skin, waters to stay hydrated, life jackets of course and awareness of others boats crossing around you are things Sutton recommends planning for, too.

“To have fun and be safe on the water you gotta know that stuff first," said Sutton.

If you would like a demonstration of how to properly use a kayak or motor-powered boat, Destination Water Sports has instructional videos for each type of boat.

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