Goose lost her mate and babies and was found covered in trash. The outrage was fierce.

Goose lost her mate and babies and was found covered in trash. The outrage was fierce.
Rescued goose (Source: Carolina Waterfowl Association)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Joe Marusak//The Charlotte Observer) - A goose found in a Charlotte shopping center sparked anger and concern on social media after people learned she lost her mate, her goslings and to top it off, had trash thrown on her.

“People had been throwing trash on her, and she was literally covered in garbage,” according to a post on the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Facebook page after the goose was taken to safety late Thursday. “Clinging to her eggs, which is all she has left of her family. I just don’t understand how people have no compassion for other living creatures.”

The Indian Trail-based rescue group received a call Thursday night to check on the goose, after her mate had been killed earlier in the week, according to the nonprofit group’s post. Rescuers soon found that her goslings had been killed.

The goose was sitting on two rotten eggs and was found emaciated and dehydrated, according to the group. She will be treated for both conditions.

The goose was found in the Crown Point Plaza shopping center off Sardis Road, Observer news partner WBTV reported.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is giving the goose “several orphaned goslings to care for,” according to the station.

People reacted with anger and sadness on social media.

“Crying so many tears over what our innocent animals have to go through in this evil world,” Lori Kennedy posted with a crying emoji.

“I wish I knew who those people were and I’d love to shove their face in trash!” Lori Capp Brinkmeier posted. To the rescuers of the goose, she said: “God Bless You!”

Posted Paula Stone: “Thank goodness she is safe with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. You can’t tell me animals and other living beings don’t have feelings!”