Molly’s Kids: A free beach week condo for Christopher Teems!

Molly’s Kids: A free beach week condo for Christopher Teems!

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - An incredibly great post about a horribly awful situation. Thousands of you reacted last week to the update about Christopher Teems (read that here).

His nasty DIPG brain tumor has gotten much worse and doctors have said there is no more chemo or radiation. Christopher is 8 years old and lives with this grandmother and great-grandmother in Gaston County.

They really wanted to try to get him to the beach one final time as a family, but weren’t sure if their pre-planned June trip would work. Loads of you responded wanting to help.

One family – who wishes to remain anonymous – is making it happen. They don’t want this post to be about them which is why I’m not naming them, but I can tell you they live in Mecklenburg County.

After lots of back-and-forth phone calls and waiting for the doctor to check Christopher and give a green light, this family is giving Christopher’s family a free week at their beautiful beach condo in North Myrtle Beach.

Christopher, his grandmother, great-grandmother, and some of his cousins (a total of 8 people!) leave next Thursday, May 23rd. They’ll be there a week. It’s a 3-bedroom place on the street side across from the beach with ocean views.

Elevator, pool, hot tubs, tennis courts, a full kitchen and washer and dryer. Free of charge. That’s all because of you guys. Because of the heart-full way so many of you react to our grass-roots network of #MollysKids love.

To be clear, the doctor did give approval for the trip. Just said to take his wheelchair for when he got tired. “We are so excited for them!” said the anonymous donor. “Please don’t mention us at all. We want the spotlight to be on Christopher and his family. But we are really excited for them and are praying they feel loving arms wrapped around them every second of this journey.”

Also awesome is that Hometown Heroes – a fantastic charity – let me know they’re helping Christopher and his family get to the Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. They said Score One for Spencer Foundation is really who made the weekend happen.

Once they’re back from Great Wolf on Sunday, the anonymous beach condo donor is going to meet up with Christopher’s grandmother to go over the details for North Myrtle.

We can’t wait to see pictures of you, Christopher, enjoying the sun, sand and water… please make sure to send us some. Good is everywhere. Even sometimes in the midst of bad. Thank YOU to the YOU who knows who they are.


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