Man charged with exposing himself to children at bus stops had history of flashing, tormenting woman

Woman says man exposed himself to her

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The man accused of exposing himself to children at bus stops has a history of similar behavior.

WBTV found that man, Eric Henderson, is accused of exposing himself at least 8 times between February and May.

He has a history of similar crimes over the last couple years.

One of Henderson’s victims, Elsy Reyes, shared her story through tears at times.

She said she lives in fear of an attack from Henderson every day.

The original interview with Reyes was in Spanish, her quotes have been translated here to English.

“My daughter is almost 3 years old, in my neighborhood there are a lot of kids who run around," said Reyes.

One day in 2017 when they were home together, she recorded video that appears to show Henderson exposing and touching himself across from her home.

“For about one month he was watching me when I was home alone with my daughter who was 2," said Reyes. “He was standing there with his pants down.”

Reyes says it happened day after day for a month.

“My daughter saw him naked. Other kids should not see that," said Reyes.

But police say other kids did see that.

According to police reports, there were 8 separate indecent exposures near school bus stops around Charlotte.

We spoke with a 13-year-old who is one of those kids.

“He came out, got out the car and dropped his pants and then exposed himself to me," said the 13-year-old.

“He would show himself to kids, to women, it did not matter who it was," said Reyes.

After Reyes reported the behavior to police in 2017, Henderson was charged with indecent exposure which is a misdemeanor.

“This person should be in jail for life," said Reyes.

Today when Henderson was set to be in court, Reyes came with her family to be there.

She used the word “malvado” to describe Henderson.

If you look up the word “malvado" in a translator, it will say it means something close to the word “wicked” in English. However, native Spanish speakers consulted for this story say “malvado” is a powerful Spanish word without a clear equivalent in English that means a person who is worse than bad, who premeditates bad actions to harm others.

“If he stayed free he’s dangerous," said Reyes. “There are a lot of kids we should be protecting."

Because of Henderson’s recent bus stop exposure incidents he is charged with indecent exposure to children which is a felony. That could land him on the sex offender registry if he is found guilty.

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